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Prayer Requests

Prayers For Those Suffering/In Need:

  • Please pray for Kara Earl’s doggie, Gus, who has not been feeling well recently. We pray for healing for Gus, and for encouraging returns from his test results.

  • Please pray for patience and peace for Jack Kinyon’s family as they care for his grandmother who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Please pray for Robbie Johnson who is seeking a writing opportunity on a television show. Pray for patience and for provision for this opportunity and others to come.

  • Please pray for Susan, the sister of Paul Clemens, and her children and grandchildren who live on a kibbutz in Israel. Please pray for their health and safety during this unsettling time.

  • Please continue to pray for Nelson Aguilar— a friend of Jonathan Hensley. He, his father, and his partner Cindy were all taken to the emergency room last week. Please pray for swift recoveries.

  • Please pray for Jonathan Hensley’s sister- in- law Maggie, who was taken to the hospital with a brain tumor. Please pray for the doctors and for Jonathan’s brother Matt. Please pray that ultimately both will find Christ.

  • Please pray for Lis Cain’s coworker Monica’s son, Raymond Garcia, who was in a motorcycle accident, and the doctors are having trouble with his clotting and oxygen. Pray for Christ’s healing hand to uplift his body.

  • Please pray for Meagan Lloyd and her health situation. Please pray for healing and provision in her time of need.

  • Please pray for Janna Parker. Please pray that her long- term housing situation will be resolved, and for calming for her nerve and muscle pain for her fibromyalgia..

  • Please pray for Lis Cain’s god-daughter Victoria who is battling addiction and dealing with past trauma all while parenting an 11-year old child. Pray for Lis as she carries this burden of her loved one.

  • Pray for those on both sides in the Ukrainian conflict. We pray for physical, emotional, and psychological healing, and that all come to know Jesus.

  • Pray for James Davidson’s friend and mentor Jerry Park, and Jerry’s mother. She has Alzheimer’s Disease, and is being admitted to hospice care soon. Please pray for healing for Mom, and for comfort for Jerry and his family.

  • Pray for our friend Sam’s family— that they may find God’s peace after the loss of a loved one. We also pray for Sam’s son Tony who is struggling with addiction to find his fulfillment in Christ.

  • Pray for Sean Cain’s mother who has been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and is currently undergoing hormone therapy.


Prayers for Ministry/Mission:

  • Pray for boldness for the people at New Creation in sharing their faith and inviting people to church.

  • Pray for the growth of our church, in number, generosity, mission, and most of all in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for our pastor and his family as they serve our community.

  • Pray for our elders and their families: Jack Kinyon, Matt Hoard, Kendall Lloyd.

  • Pray for our youth ministry for junior high and high school students.

  • Pray for our local presbytery; for healing and reconciliation in issues that have been extremely challenging.

  • Pray for our denomination (PCA) as we work through some challenging issues in the year to come.

  • Pray for our local campus ministers and their ministries: Alex Watlington at USC, Matt Trexler at UCLA.

  • Pray for our civic leaders; for wisdom and godliness and to help us live simple lives with the freedom to worship.

  • Pray for the other church plants and pastors in our city and denomination.

  • Pray for the flourishing of our city and for the kingdom of God to expand through our work and worship.

Giving Thanks/Answered Prayers:

  • Give God thanks that Matt Hoard was matched to an internship site in Los Angeles for next year, his final year of his PhD program. 

  • Give God thanks for finding a new home for the Cain family! We pray that God will continue to bless and provide for them!

  • Give God thanks for Jack Kinyon’s recovery! He is feeling better through the grace of God, and with the support of his New Creation family in bringing soup and other supplies!

  • Give God thanks for the positive news on James Davidson’s uncle Todd, as no cancer was found during his recent PET scan. We will continue to pray for healing from his lymphoma.

  • Give God thanks for the successful surgery and recovery of Nelson Aguilar, Jonathan Hensley’s friend.

  • Give God thanks for Jonathan Hensley’s uncle, Haldon Shepherd, completing all of his radiation treatments. We continue to pray for his healing and that he can draw closer to faith in Christ.

Please let us know if you have any prayer requests!

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